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We are a full-service marketing agency from Sarajevo. The words that describe us the best are: cooperation, conversation, laugh and dream.

The purpose of the Branded agency is to create leading strategies and provide ideas that enable clients to achieve their goals. In our agency, marketing is more than a service, marketing is a world of creativity that removes the boundaries and gives the necessary value absolutely to everything. We create a story about each product, event, and person. A good story can sell anything, to anyone ... Because of the good story, the customer is satisfied. And everything else becomes irrelevant.

Special stories are created only at the source of creativity. Your source of creativity can be agency with A Seal of Creativity.



Standing in the dark, do you need a detailed marketing strategy? Come and talk to us, together we will find the most effective solution. Looking for great ideas for your important event and flawless organization? We have a team of professionals who will take care of every detail. Does your job stagnate or does not give you the results you desired? A smartly developed and guided digital campaign can change things and bring you advantage. Do you want to have a visual identity that the market will talk about? Our top designers are at your disposal. All that the advertising industry can provide to you, we can design, deliver, and create with you.

Marketing strategy


 A marketing strategy is made of tactical marketing decisions where customer specific needs are our priority. The goal is to communicate relevant messages as well as to maintain strong relationships between customers and brand. Good implementation and plans lead to positive business results and success. By understanding human motivation, we can carry out complete planning and execution of services. Tell us your business objective and we will design a marketing strategy for you.

Brand and communication strategy

Brand and
communication strategy

Customer engagement consists of various activities that demonstrate brand loyalty, such as invested time, energy and money. We want customers to engage and recognize your brand more easily than others, as brand engagement leads to a love for the brand and a positive WOM. Customer service and ongoing communication can become an important element of branding.

Event management


Whether it's a celebration, promotion, opening event, conference, cocktail party or something else, we can help you with  creative, technical and organizational skills that lead to your desired goal. 

  • Planning
  • Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Openings
  • Concerts
  • Product launch 
  • Corporate events

Digital and social media marketing strategy

Digital and social media
marketing strategy

Let's create content that customers want to read, like and share. Let's talk about influencers, content, ads, social media marketing and many other options. Today, digital marketing is a challenge and at the same time, opportunity. We see it as a way to connect the digital and physical world. The heart of every strategy is the target group, and usage of own, paid and earned platforms can help us get them.

  • Digital media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing 
  • Google AdWords

Creative services and design

Creative services
and design

Design is not just  aesthetic and a logo, it is art, an innovation and can be found all around us. Using image, graphics and text, we communicate visually, tell a story, and deliver a message. To create the right design, we need to know the brand strategy, and how customers perceive the brand and its values. 

  • Graphic Design 
  • Visual identity 
  • Book of standards 
  • Creative services

of creative ideas

The space in which we work reflects creativity. That's why the Branded offices are playful, cheerful and open. Open space, open mind. The advertising industry must not have boundaries.

Our projects

For the happiness of beloved ones, Pilka is enough

We spinned and created 360 campaign for client Ovako. We presented completed story about love, devotion and the beauty of simplicity in entertaining way through TV commercial, OOH, press, radio, social media and PR.

The backbone of this project are two grandmas who fight for grandchildren's affection, and the food is their way.  In this competition, they forgot that it is not always necessary to put a lot of effort to make happy those you love and to win their hearts. They both won when they realised that Pilka is enough for the happiness of their beloved ones.

Fun music, great acting and a lot of laughter-  is the recipe for this amazing commercial that states: For the happiness of beloved ones, Pilka is enough. 

SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an organization that provides support primarily to children without parental care through the family model of care, but also to all other children through family strengthening programs, youth support programs, educational programs and other community activities.

In order to clearly communicate their vision and mission to the public, we have designed a series of posters communicating the core of SOS village operations, stating: Every child should have a family and grow up with love, respect and safety, and SOS Children's Villages create families for children in need, they help them build their future and contribute to the development of the community in which they live.

In addition to the posters, our creative team also presented a bag with children's hug. We wanted to show children's emotions and their need for love, tenderness and safety.

In addition to visual communication for the vision and mission of SOS Children's Village, with a special creative enthusiasm, we designed promotional materials addressing issues of crucial social significance and raising public awareness by our client - SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What family represents,  and what is parenting, how important is education and personal development for each individual and what is the role of the community?

With original creative solutions, appealing elements and a fairy-tale approach, we have created a “legible” visual story that draws attention to itself and what it conveys.

Simple and.

Simple and.

ZiraatBank has launched its mobile banking app. This app will simplify the payment of various services to ZiraatBank customers. We have designed a slogan and key visual that explains consumer the meaning of online banking, which is: "simple and". Indeed, when something is as easy to use as a Ziraat mobile app, then there is no comma or but, just a full stop.

Pepsi story

Our hardworking BTL team realized the amazing Pepsi story.

As it is usually the case with global brands, the whole campaign was successful and cool. We have organized promotions for a new flavor of Pepsi Lime, which has entered the Bosnian market in February 2020.

We took care of the overall organization of promotional activities, established and trained promotional teams, as well as the produced equipment, provided location suggestions and introduced customers to the new taste.

The target group was young people, aged 16 to 35, which is why we organized promotions at student campuses, private and state colleges, shopping centers and public squares.

This playful Pepsi team visited Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar and Banja Luka in two months.

Bonjour New Year's party

To have dreams and believe in them means they will come true. This December, another dream came true for the team. Together we have organized their first New Year's party, which will be remembered for a long period of time. More than 150 guests from the  fashion and lifestyle scene enjoyed great entertainment between the clouds, in the Hotel Europe atrium hall. has turned this year's dream into a complete redesign and rebranding of its web site. And what about you, did your dreams come true this year? If not, you can still make it. Dreams come true if you believe strongly enough.

HuHu Mobile App Launch

Digitalization is the fastest growing trend of the 21st century. Shortcuts that ease our daily activities have been the main goal during creation of a new HuHu application. Marketing agency Branded Sarajevo and HuHu Mobile App Team for the first time joined forces and organized the event where we presented all the benefits users enjoy when downloading this application.

27.3.2019 and Club 1 were date and place of presentation, and the fantastic host of the event, Naida Kundurović provided the guests useful information and demonstrated the use of the application as well as other services like TopUp, Parmatix, OLX and NEXT bike. 

Branded coordinated team was in charge of the complete organization of the event, from technical details, decoration and lighting, hostesses, and catering.

The guests had an exciting opportunity to download the application and receive a 10BAM gift card that they could use immediately for one of the HuHu mobile applications.

It is quite certain that the successful cooperation between Branded agency and HuHu will continue in the following months to present the new service and new features of this application.

OLX event

What happens when the most popular online sales website in Bosnia and Herzegovina and creative Branded agency team are joining?

Event for 10 years of existence of a website that has become an integral part of our lives happens. For this reason, the event team has gone "extra mile" for this project. The location was Club 1 in which we gathered all valuable OLX employees. We were creative with signs, details, wall projections, spaghetti curtains.

The whole event was rounded up by the fantastic performance by Admir Sehic, who provided laughter to tears, while the cocktail master took care of the most delicious cocktails and made a unique atmosphere with exhibitions.

Branded agency knows that without good music, there is no good fun. During the night, the OLX team was entertained by the DJ, and the peak of the night was a sweet and delicious surprise.

The 10 years of existence will certainly be remembered by Magic Mirror and humorous accessories.

Night to remember and satisfied clients are the best indicator of Branded agency's creativity. Until some next project, we leave you a gallery as an evidence.


Invasion, spaceship, aliens, ... No, this is not a SF movie, it is a campaign we did for Doritos, a global PepsiCo brand. Doritos landed in Sarajevo on June 7, 2019. The landing was placed at Bingo Plus, in Alta Shopping Center. The Branded agency made sure the landing was spectacular.

We hired influencers who spread the story of an unidentified flying object over the Alta, spread PR articles in the media, organized press, decorated space, provided technical support, designed a VIP corner and fun activities for customers (VR, tattoos, gift contest, socializing with influencers), organized staff and coordinated the whole event.

We were creative. We were brave. We could not have been different because Doritos is, however, only FOR THE BOLD.

After the landing in Sarajevo, the Doritos invasion continued to spread across Bingo stores in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tech Cruise

We sailed slowly through the organization of the first and largest ICT business and technical conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tech Cruise. Although the sea was calm to us, the conference itself concealed the ideas of over 500 participants at the helm of as many as 50 lecturers.

The Tech Cruise Conference was held from 19th to 21st of September in Lukavac, organized by our dear client, the IT company IMEL. As an agency selected to work on this significant event, we provided technical support for equipping five halls, PR support, branding of the venues, organized a full staff: promoters, coordinators, moderators, helped to arrange parties for guests ... and for three days, with a watchful eye, we made sure everything went perfectly. Of course, we slept a little, had a lot of fun, and proudly enjoyed a perfectly realized project.

Until next Tech Cruise Conference, Sailor’s Greetings: Fair winds and following seas!

Sarajevo TechLab

We are aware that we live in a modern age where digitalization is the primary goal, and we are trying to be that kind of marketing agency that will keep up with the latest trends.

That is why we are very happy that we organized the first BH Telecom Business Technology Conference - Sarajevo TechLab. The conference was held on the birthday of the company on September 5th , at Swissotel in Sarajevo.

Branded as a young and creative team, fits perfectly with our client, who is a telecommunication leader in BiH. At the conference we had the opportunity to learn from over 20 speakers and panelists from leading companies, such as BH Telecom, Oracle, Microsoft and others, and over 300 conference participants heard about specific business solutions for business in the digital world.

What have we learned together from this conference?

The digital future is coming and we are ready.

BH Telecom has introduced new Cloud, Smart Home and BIZ selection services. Thus, it provided a professional solution for users in need of relocating the IT server structure, and linked business users into a group with multiple different customer services with many benefits.

The conference fulfilled all ours and client's expectations and helped to adequately respond to the challenges of today that we all face. We cannot wait for all the magic that will come to us from the digital world.


For A Simple Life

FORA, another name for a simple life. Our favorite clients are those who, just like us, represent the domestic market. When you add to this quality of production, a young team and enthusiasm, success is guaranteed.

This is a range of high-quality products from FORA Kitchen, FORA Bathroom, FORA Garden. Food pots, multipurpose containers, bathroom accessories are made of the highest quality plastic and have international certificates.

Branded Sarajevo has done visual identity as well as design of packaging for FORA.

In cooperation with Bosnian photographer Aida Redžepagić, we decorated one home with FOR A products, added cosiness and transferred the entire atmosphere to a new catalog of products.

In Branded agency we strongly believe in digital communication channels. The range of products, the simplicity of the shape, the practicality and functionality of FORA products have got their place on Just like FORA products, the website will provide future users all the information and visualize the diversity of products.


We do not have big and small clients, big business or small business. We are proud for working with renowned companies and brands, but also making known and recognizable from the unknown. The success of our clients is the greatest motive and inspiration for every future project.


If you have any questions, would like to meet us and talk to us about your ideas, wishes, potential ideas and their realization, feel free to contact us.

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